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“The Church proclaims the Gospel to the family. The Christian community is a family of families and is itself the family of God.”

We're excited to partner with parents to help in passing on the gift of faith to their children. We know this is a lot easier said than done, so we have wonderful opportunities to support you and your kids in growing in faith. We're here to help and support your family no matter what your experience of faith is like. Let's work together in building up the domestic church!

FAQ's about Faith Formation at St. Peter Chanel.

Why family-based formation?

Because faith is best taught and lived out in the family, the Church calls parents to be the first and foremost educators of their children. There is a special receptivity to meet Jesus and learn about our faith in the early years of children’s development, therefore, St. Peter Chanel offers foundational faith formation to the whole family at the elementary ages.

Families meet monthly on Sunday at 9 or 11am to explore the faith through games, activities, family discussions & fellowship. Armed with this support, parents continue the experience by celebrating weekly Mass together, sharing monthly at home Faith Explorations, and actively participating in parish life. These formative elementary years are an imperative foundation to preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation & Eucharist (traditionally 1st & 2nd grade) & Confirmation (traditionally 4th-6th grades).

Is this for everyone in my family?

The whole family is welcome. Activities are designed with elementary children in mind. Since 6th grade is a transitional year for many preteens, we offer formation with the family and/or with their peers in Middle School YM. An age-appropriate class for PreK siblings will be offered in a separate classroom. Older MS & HS siblings are welcome to join their family or volunteer to help during our sessions

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