Special Needs Faith Formation

“These are the treasures of the Church.” St. Lawrence, 3rd Century deacon referring to people with disabilities.

Faith formation opportunities for our differently-abled followers of Jesus.

The SHINE Class is designed for children through teens who learn best in a smaller group with one-on-one support. This format has allowed students to work on Faith Formation activities in shorter time segments, alternated with other fun activities tailored to their gifts and special interests.

Meets two Sundays a month during the school year from 10:45a-12p in Classrooms 3 & 4.

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Cross Beams is a Bible study for teens and young adults with disabilities. Teens & adult volunteers support participants in reading the Sunday readings (from slides containing lots of visuals, projected on the wall) and then working through related, hands-on activities. Verbal & non-verbal participants are welcome.

Meets two Sundays a month year-round from 3:30-4:30p in Classrooms 3 & 4.

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Saturdays at the 4:30 pm Mass & Sundays at the 12:15 Mass, one Holy Family room is transformed into a sensory-friendly space for individuals who need to move in order to better soak up the beauty of Mass. We provide a monitored space, set up with sensory items, that help facilitate a comfortable experience for families to attend Mass together.

Special Needs Faith Coordinator: Jeanne Lyons

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