SPC Cookbook


Thank you for your interest in contributing to“SHARING OUR BOUNTY”

What: We are excited to be offering a Parish Cookbook that will include well loved recipes from our parish family!

When: We will be collecting recipes in May.

Timeline: We hope to have this special cookbook available for sale in September 2023!

When selecting your recipe(s) for submission, please keep in mind we are looking for those which are unique and one of a kind: i.e. recipes passed down from generation to generation, a family favorite, recipes that are not readily available in other cookbooks. Additionally, if you have a favorite restaurant, ask them if they would like to submit one of their specialties, we will include their restaurant name in the book.

Recipes are limited to one page and preferred measurement abbreviations are included in instructions. We are in search of recipes in the following areas:

  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers and Beverages (Sub-Categories: Hot/Cold, Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic)
  • Soups and Salads
  • Sides
  • Entrees (Sub-Categories: Beef/Chicken/Lamb/Pork/Seafood)
  • Breads
  • On the Grill
  • Desserts

You can submit in one of THREE ways:

  1. Type it up and give it to the receptionist at the front desk WITH YOUR NAME & PHONE NUMBER.
  2. Email it to: [email protected]
  3. Submit online by clicking HERE. CHROME BROWSER REQUIRED

If you choose submitting online, log-in using the below credentials.

UserName: SPCchef
: SPCchef!


For questions email: [email protected]

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